Book: Genealogical Records of the John Ash Family of Wiltshire, England
genealogical records and history of the Ash Ashe family from England

Genealogy Book and History of the John Ash Family of Wiltshire, England

The Genealogy of the John Ash Family of Wiltshire, England 1634 - 2007


Examples of genealogical records on the Ash family from the author's original notes

1851 census, gig boy, scholar, weaver
1851 Census showing William Ash, age 49, his wife Sarah, age 47 and their children.
William Ash is listed at this time as a Weaver of Broad Cloth.

Census 1871 William F. Jones and wife Mary
Census for 1871, Middlesex County, UK
Census lists William F. Jones, wife Mary (Ash) and stepdaughter, Mary C. Powell.
William is shown as a soda water manufacturer and daughter Mary as a dressmaker at the young age of 16.

Last Will and Testament of Martha Watts Ashe
Last Will and Testament of Martha Watts Ashe, county of Wiltshire, England.


Allied Families

Sample of some of the condensed genealogies of allied families

This sample is Page 1 of 5 from the author's original notes on Johannes Fliner/Flinner/Fleiner/Fleenor/Flyner of Whittenburg, Germany.

Johannes Fliner, Flinner, Flinner, Fleiner, Fleenor, Flyner of Wittenburg, Germany

Johannes Fliner, Flinner, Fleiner, Fleenor, Flyner, born 10 June 1721, Flein, Wittenburg, Germany.

Johannes is listed in the "30,000 Immigrants" written by Rupp, as a passenger with his wife Anna aboard the "John and Elizabeth" which landed in Philadelphia on 7 November 1754 from the German provinces of Hanover, Wittenburg, and the Palatinate.

The family migrated to the vicinity of Frederick, Maryland, where the roles of the Lutheran Church at Woodsboro (eight miles from Frederick) show them as members during this period.

Photo: Grace Even Lutheran Church at Rocky Hill near Woodsboro, Maryland.

About 1775, the six sons of Johannes Fleenor (Flinner) moved to Benhams, Washington County, in the southwestern part of Virginia, and their place in that community is well documented.

Chart: Johannes Fleenor – Anna and children, Adam, Elizabeth, Nicholas, Margaretha, Gasper.
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