Ash Family of Wiltshire, England: Cemeteries & Historical Churches
genealogy book and history of the Ash Ashe family from England

Genealogy Book and History of the John Ash Family of Wiltshire, England

The Genealogy of the John Ash Family of Wiltshire, England 1634 - 2007.

Photos of Cemeteries & Historical Churches Connected with the Ash Family

Note from the author

Visiting cemeteries is a definite part of genealogical research. Some dislike it, saying it's eerie. I think it's peaceful. I enjoyed the adventure of climbing over a fence, which surrounds a cow pasture now, trying to avoid the grazing cows to look for ancestors; or the time I drove around and around a high hill, right to the top to visit Lime Hill Cemetery in Washington Co. Va. Three trips to Wiltshire, England were highlighted by the churches and cemeteries, especially London Road Cemetery in Chippenham, England that had many of the family buried there.

Cemeteries and Churches: Ash Family

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